Synaptyx Golf Performance Training

Train Like a PRO

     Our Golf Performance Movement Screening will evaluate your body's physical readiness and correlate the results to your specific swing characteristics. Using this information we can formulate a personalized program that will correct the flaws or imbalances that are present in your game. Everybody's swing is unique to their own capabilities and limitations, and the Synaptyx Golf Performance program delivers cutting edge information and training to take your golf game to the next level.

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Dominating the Course This Year Will Be EASY!



Start by filling out and submitting our contact form or giving us a call. We will quickly reach out to you and get you scheduled for your assessment.



Visit our facility or we'll come to you! This is when we will perform our Synaptyx Golf Performance Movement Analysis to determine your biomechanical swing characteristics as well as your body's physical movement patterns.



After gathering all of the information we need, we will discuss your results and develop a completely customized training/treatment program that will have you playing your best and keep you pain free!

Well, what are you waiting for??
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