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What is                                  ?

Synaptyx Health & Performance Systems is a company that began in 2018 with the vision to bridge the gap between Athletic Performance, Fitness, and Health Care.  We believe that the pursuit of Fitness and Performance should be what doctors prescribe most often to their patients. Ultimately, our goal is to change the current paradigm of Health Care, Fitness, and Performance existing as separate disciplines. Instead, our vision was to create a place where each of those exist simultaneously as different points along the same spectrum of a single discipline:

As doctors, we recognize the situation that many Americans find themselves in today.  Crippling metabolic disorders, depression, anxiety, obesity, chronic pain and physical disability are a daily struggle for so many. The treatment for these disorders is often expensive procedures with low success rates and drugs with detrimental side effects that leave patients sick, tired, and frustrated. Seeing this trend, Synaptyx formed with a goal in mind to prevent this vicious cycle from continuing. 

As former athletes, we recognize the lessons that can be taught in sports.  Lessons that can't be learned in a classroom or from your elders. Qualities of determination, hard work, and accountability are just a few of the things we took from our experience in athletics.  What we also recognized was that these qualities translate to all areas of life and health, and can be applied in so many ways.  Synaptyx provides an opportunity for those who have developed poor health and fitness habits to change their lives and take the steps to better themselves. We also provide athletes and the fitness-minded with an opportunity to excel in their chosen path, and the chance to become the very best versions of themselves outside of competition and training.

Synaptyx is a truly special company where our clients and patients come first. We combine our passions, experience, and knowledge with your dedication and effort to provide the opportunity to maximize your potential. As a human. As a family member. As an athlete. As a role model. 

-Dr. Ryan Pokrywka and Dr. Kevin McGarry, 2018


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