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Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Diet is just as important as your workouts so treat it accordingly!


We get it.. There's so much info flying around out there that it's hard to know what to believe and follow. That's why everything we do is backed by empirical data and research! We make your diet and nutrition plans simple, easy to follow, and best of all - SUSTAINABLE. 


Whether you want to slim down or bulk up, we offer completely custom and practical diet plans that are personally designed to help YOU crush your fitness and health goals.


 We highly recommend pairing a diet plan with your personal training regimen to optimize your results.



Most people already know protein helps build  muscle. However, even if your goal isn't to bulk up, protein is still a very important macro-nutrient. It helps repair and build connective tissue like muscles and tendons. So even if you want to slim down, getting the correct amount of protein in your diet is important to general health.

Fresh Salad

Fruits & Vegetables

While they're not always the sexiest part of your diet program, fruits and vegetables contain tons of the micro-nutrients (like vitamins and minerals) that your body needs to function like a well oiled machine. Neglecting this aspect of your diet program will negatively impact your health eventually. 

Fried Rice


Carbohydrate intake can have a huge effect on body composition and health baselines. They happen to be your body's preferred fuel source for energy and have a huge ripple effect on numerous hormone pathways. We'll help show you what kind of carbs are good, what kind of carbs to avoid, and when the best time to consume them is.

Glasses of Water


Our bodies are made up of over 70% water. Dehydration impacts how well you recover from workouts and how effectively your body's metabolic pathways function. Commonly consumed beverages with caffeine and sugar just contribute to dehydration. Fortunately, we'll help provide you with great tips to help track just how much water you should be replenishing with. 

Gourmet Olive Oil


Fat is NOT the enemy. Lipids (the building block of fatty acids) are an important energy source, as well as crucial to hormone regulation. Just like with carbs, we'll show you what the best sources of fat are and why its important for you.



Ideally, you should aim to receive as much nutrients from whole foods as possible. However, supplements used correctly can help account for certain dietary restrictions as well as aid in recovery, digestion, and overall health

If you've come this far, just take the leap!

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