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Corporate Wellness

Businesses are consistently looking for ways to separate themselves as far as attracting talent, retaining talent, and providing a work atmosphere that is employee-centered.  Corporate Wellness programs offer companies the opportunity to have health and fitness programs brought to their employees in the form of physical assessments, fitness classes, and educational workshops, and more. The benefits of a Corporate Wellness program are numerous; Decreased health insurance costs for employers, a focus on healthy habits in the workplace, and a sense of community between employees that choose to participate are just a few of the benefits seen in companies that implement Corporate Wellness programs.

Physical Examinations

We offer physical exams for employees to evaluate and assess ailments and develop a treatment plan accordingly.

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Physical Therapy


Many office workers can develop poor posture and muscular imbalances due to the nature of desk work and office habits. We offer rehabilitation programs to help your workers return to and stay physically healthy, ultimately increasing productivity.

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are a great way to promote team building, and healthy lifestyle habits. Exercise has been clinically shown to provide a multitude of benefits for employees such as improving cognitive function and increasing energy and productivity. 

Group Workout

Educational Presentations

Keep employees up to date with current health topics! We offer to host health and fitness workshops to engage employees in healthy practices and keep them properly informed.

Coporate Wellness program inquiries can be made by emailing us at

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